The Archie is a medium-ranged airburst Cannon, fitted to Main hardpoints.

Acquisitions Entry

The Corvid knack for chaotic firepower is exemplified by their beloved Archie. Air-burst ordnance set to a dangerously short fuse creates a field of shrapnel in front of the firing vehicle; shield emitters are rapidly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of metal, while most light and improvisational armor will cave in or simply shred to pieces. Since the Archie was designed for engagements within 100 meters, accuracy is a non-issue. Weight normally dedicated to elongating the barrel is instead spent creating a much thicker one, allowing for greater pressures to be exerted without compromising the weapon’s structural integrity—it’s why an Archie is able to sustain such a withering rate of fire at that large a caliber, albeit inaccurately.

The end result is loud, messy, and effective, an apt metaphor for the Corvids themselves. Ironically the Archie also happens to be one of the most efficient counters to Corvid equipment, provided you can find a Loyalist commander adventurous enough to mount salvaged weaponry.


Notes & Strategy

  • A wide splash, decent rate of fire, and instantaneous impact make it a commendable choice for crowd control, as the blast also hurts shields and slows enemy movement, leaving them ripe for other weapons.
  • The range is short for a Main hardpoint, and its loud report easily alerts enemy reinforcements; if you find yourself in an open field when they arrive with long-ranged weaponry, you may be unable to return fire immediately. Activate Smoke projectors or disengage in such cases.
  • A daring pilot may do the opposite: flip on Active Camo, sprint closer and around the enemy to unleash the Archie at them.
  • For a higher damage-per-second approach, ambush the enemy around corners: open with an Audio-kinectic Pulse and unload with the Archie.
  • Self preservation: let go of the trigger if hostiles come at arms length or the Archie will damage you also.


  • "Archie" is a WWI British term for Anti-aircraft fire

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