The Broodmare is a Spacer Ultra-class Mech. It is equipped with one Heavy and one Main hardpoint, with very high melee damage. As an Ultra, it has a bonus +25% to damage resistance.

Acquisitions Entry

-Ultra class, +25% damage resist

Subtle as a heart attack, styled like a brutalist ode to regime change. The Broodmare is one of those Spacer mechs that carry so much firepower it's a wonder we have any photos of it at all. A little top-heavy, but Spacer leg tech is probably a good decade ahead of ours. Lightweight alloys and better self-righting stabilizers and all that crap.


Pilot Variant

Antero Giian's Broodmare is armed with Chieftain and Thunderclap lasers, with Active Camo for defense.

Notes & Strategy

Powerhouse. Powerful stomp, as it is with Spacer mechs.

A Banshee coupled with a Bishop makes for a devastating offensive force: the chaingun dispatches smaller foes, and when they bunch up (as they do) throw the cross punch with the cannon. The long range on both weapons allows for initiative on your side against awaiting groups, especially unaware Captains; deploy Smoke before commencing the grinding for safety.
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