Anti-gravity units (or Agrav) are vehicles that hover above the ground using anti-gravity technology.

Unlike tank or mech vehicles, agrav movement is unhindered by terrain type and are able to effortlessly pass over short obstacles. Agrav units are also able to strafe, keeping frontal armor directed towards enemy units while moving in any direction.

The Spacers field the widest variety of agrav vehicles, though the Corvids and Loyalists are not without effective agrav platforms of their own. Despite the Spacers' overall agrav variety, the Corvids currently field the largest selection among the player-pilotable vehicles.

Acquisitions Entry

Turns out those stories about agrav jockeys getting ball cancer was just a big scare, "statistical anomaly" according to Central. I mean, the poor blokes still got cancer but supposedly it wasn't caused by the agrav drives. I wouldn't put it past Central to lie about something like that, but if it were true then half the Corvids should be symptomatic now, given they had an entire generation spend more time riding Skates than standing on solid ground.

Anyway, agravs provide the convenience of ignoring terrain without the dopish sluggishness of a hovercraft. Still have to be careful through, as most are light on control surfaces outside the drives themselves. Engine failure means you drop like a rock, and at high speed that's a death sentence. Heyday of The Troubles you got Canary patrols that would plant EMP grenades along straightaways, wait for a pack of Corvid gravbikes to come tearing through. At those speeds you had to clean them off the walls as often as the pavement.


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