Mechs are bipedal walking vehicles. They are usually loud and have the ability to melee.

Spacers offer a strong selection of Mechs, albeit lacking in speedy options like the ones fielded by Loyalists and Corvids. Boosting powerful shields, most of them bear the same leg models, the ones which pound the hardest. They also have the one-of-a-kind Sledger: a powersuit with a Heavy hardpoint.

Acquisitions Entry

Mechs take considerably more maintenance than anything on wheels or treads. But when the War Council gets to see a new heavy legs unit put their foot straight through the top of a tank, it shakes the part of their brain that worries about money. I like to think the first mech field test was sort of like when the military first got real hot and bothered for helicopters back on Earth. They want the slick new stuff, who cares what it costs?

Mechs are the standard-bearers, the cavalry, and the commanders all in one. Being taller means overlapping fields of fire with shorter vehicles, better top kill and defilade, and less trouble with comms in dense urban areas on account of the antennae height. Put them hull down ("kneeling") and you've got great defensive fire, perfect for covering infantry and powersuits.

Despite how long mechs have played an active role in combat and police work, there's a segment of the Brass that still argues against them hard. They're "walking targets" that are "too expensive to maintain" and "damage roads and infrastructure because they don't broadly distribute their weight." Ok maybe some of that's true, but bureaucrats don't know what a psych-out it is to get stared down by a heavy. Gets you that fear deep in your reptile brain, sympathetic nervous system response. Also the part that worries about money.


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