Corvid pilot 'Giancarlo'

Corvids are a populist revolutionary faction operating in Solo Nobre.

Though living conditions improved considerably following Great Leader's revolution against the Solo Nobre Concern, the strict military control and isolationist policies of the NEP that made these improvements possible also chafed a growing number of dissidents who felt that Solo Nobre should be a more equal, open society. Confrontation between these rebellious factions and the NEP escalated, growing into a bitter resistance against Great Leader in the hopes of restoring power to the people.

Initially a guerilla force operating with little more than scrap, the increasingly-formidable Corvid army was mostly built on salvaged Loyalist or civilian hardware, kit-bashed together and frequently up-gunned, with enhanced drive systems pushed to their limits at the expense of armor plating and maneuverability. With a recent influx of disillusioned Loyalist veterans bringing high-caliber engineering and maintenance personnel into Corvid ranks, they have also begun to produce truly original designs in a direct challenge to the NEP Design Bureau.

Their high-speed, low-armor approach lends itself to fast platforms capable of getting so close that it's impossible to miss with the inaccurate large-bore weapons Corvids tend to strap to their chassis.

Acquisitions Entry

Something something anarcho-syndicalism. Don't ask me, I just joined up, I'm still learning the secret handshakes, and how not to fall asleep during the meetings. Councils, they call them councils and they have them all the time. Anyway, Corvids had a lot to be unhappy about under Great Leader, and they've got a lot of very disillusioned veterans of the NEP with particularly acute grievances. They know he's saved our city several times, made it what it is. But Corvids know that's the trouble with a dictator. They never want to step down voluntarily. This thing with the SNC means Corvids see their one real shot at making sure that Solo Nobre is for everyone again; it can't only be for active duty NEP soldiers and everyone else in yellow raincoats. Staying alive just isn't good enough anymore.


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