The Donkey (or Donk) is a Cannon weapon of Small caliber capable of high damage delivery exclusively at extremely close range.

Acquisitions Entry

Recoilless rifle, vehicular mount, 84mm Short Fuse Implosion rounds - aka the "Donkey." You don't see these equipped too often as a Donkey's just as liable to kill you as the enemy - it's very Corvid that way. The thing hits like a meteor though, provided you can get close enough. Mog drivers use them for termite raids on the Corvids to collapse their tunnels, but the real cowboys are the Troubadour and Pantry Boy drivers who use the cannon like a jousting lance against heavies. I've even seen some of the bigger mechs equipping a Donkey over a Pinch or Carlos if they know they're in for some knife fighting. It's a big step in damage for the mount size if you don't mind the loss of range or rupturing your eardrums.


Notes & Strategy

  • It synergizes well with high-speed vehicles, able to quickly close distances, fire, and escape; though the slower rate of fire makes missed shots costly at close range. Agrav riders may finish off targets with a quick body slam as they pass.
  • Can be employed as an effective coup de grace: close in the target hammering with the Pinch, then finish with the Donkey (coupled with a Audio-Kinetic Pulse for maximum destruction).
  • The shot fires through cover; targets behind a thin wall may be hit in complete surprise. This also often in turn destroys the cover, so the user should exercise caution if this would suddenly leave them exposed.
  • Despite it's noise level, the Donkey can be very effective as part of a 'stealth' build, as exploitation of noise and cover allows an unseen Brigador to lure patrolling enemies into ambush range before relocating under the cover of active camo.


He had also swapped his tertiary rocket pod for an 84mm recoilless rifle. It was old tech. A short barreled ugly thing, and Kinney had been intrigued. Kronnig had explained that it was a close quarter battle mod, utilizing implosion shells to utterly ruin targets within close proximity. Kronnig called it "a donkey", on account of how hard it kicked. Kinney had never met a donkey, and didn't want to. To Kinney it sounded like a shotgun from the Seventh Hell.
- Chapter 11 of the Brigador Audiobook.

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