The EMP Grenade is a special weapon that fires in a high arc, creating a pulse on impact that causes no direct damage but will temporarily stun enemy vehicles in the blast radius, halting movement and disabling shields for 7 seconds.

Acquisitions Entry

Launches a small yield EMP warhead at low velocity in a high arc. Detonation temporarily disables shielding and drive mechanisms of all vehicles in the blast zone. Anti-grav units with overloaded drives are known to plummet into the ground and nearby friendlies, and radio communications are also rendered inert for a duration.

Particularly effective when used in tandem with artillery or high hull impact munitions.

- Efi

Notes & Strategy

  • The pulse will interrupt a Spotter in the process of raising the alarm.
  • A well-placed launch can disable clusters of combatants and leave them vulnerable to weapons fire.
  • As with all special weapons, the EMP Grenade does not consume ammo, but has a cooldown between uses.

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