The König is a Heavy Machine Gun with an extremely high rate of fire.

Acquisitions Entry

Along with the Abbot and Mãe Dois, the König is a design we inherited from before the colony. It’s brilliant. Seven barrels, a hydraulic feed system that rarely jams, and a rate of fire that will crack hardshields and armor before a target knows what hit them. Originally deployed only on aircraft and naval vessels, Königs started showing up on Corvid heavies during the early days of the uprising. Somehow they’d shanghaied a warehouse stock full of them, and within months were using them to turn Loyalist patrols into fine mist. The Design Bureau soon did their own test fittings of the weapon, and in the years since it’s become common to see a Canmore or Kettle with that seven barrel snout jutting out the front. No matter the job, a König will get it done.


Notes & Strategy

Formidable damage-dealer. Extremely high rate of fire, long range, great damage per hit. Only the largest assets resist full seconds of fire from the König.

  • As a price for its performance, the weapon action is very loud, as is the impact of its shots. Carrying the König will likely mean hordes of alerted hostiles heading toward your position.
  • While the König can easily stand against large numbers, it consumes ammo like no other.
  • Short bursts and constant movement to rearm on the savage left ahead of you should keep you firing, but be careful you don't overextend yourself chasing ammo drops.


  • By "pre-colony design," Marvin Beck is likely referring to the GAU-8 autocannon, sported by USAF aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt. Seven barrels and all.
  • König is the German word for King.
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