The Lockdown is a Machine Gun, fitted to Small hardpoints.

Acquisitions Entry

This weapon shouldn't exist, but I've seen footage of one melting hardshields like a hot knife in soybutter. There's some kind of feedback effect from impact too because power generators will crap themselves even if the emitters are still pushing ozone. Forget the big Spacer fireworks, guns like the Otomo or the Harvester and those big dumb Zed Primes, those are all for show. When Spacers really want you dead they just quietly drop in one of their kill squads, powersuits decked in camo fields, Lockdowns, and Black Hands. Those guns are quiet, those suits are quiet, and pretty soon their targets are quiet too.

If there's anything that keeps me up at night, that's it.


Notes & Strategy

  • The method used by the kill squads Marvin Beck fears is sound: bring down the shield with the Lockdown so the Black Hand can work on the target's hull.
  • A hit from one shot will scramble targets systems momentarily, slowing movement and turret rotation speed. Consecutive shots may even freeze the target in place. Beware that its weapons still function, so you will be shot at if you wander in front of the stunned foe's guns. Good for individual target handling.
  • This also makes it useful for slowing down and "catching" speeding enemies: aim ahead of them and let out a burst, then finish it with more Lockdown fire or your other weapon.


  • ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge.
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