The Rope Kid is a Corvid Light Agrav vehicle. It has one Turret and one Small hardpoint. They are fast and very lightly armored. One is pilotable during the Campaign mission Suicide Machines.

Acquisitions Entry

I hear they actually still have rodeos in Eixo, figure that one out. Now bull fighting, at least that's one blood sport from back on Earth that makes sense to Solo Nobreans.

Rope Kids are fast attack/recon vehicles for the punks that are too bored to drive a Skate anymore. Custom built, you can't get the right kind of delicate maneuverability a Rope Kid demands out of the heavy industrial components you build a Skate from. In a better era we'd have all our wildest kids racing these things for money on the vids, but for now they're just trying to outrun the bullets.

Storing enough fuel to keep it airborne for as long as their harassment patrols last means that a few good hits will vaporize the whole thing. But any good Rope Kid jockey knows that. Go fast enough and you don't have to worry about what crashing feels like - you're not going to feel a thing.


Pilot Variant

Giancarlo's Rope Kid is armed with a Bully 6MW Laser and a Donkey 84mm recoilless rifle, with EMP Grenades for defense. This loadout is built for high mobility close combat. Excellent short range damage and disabling, but with very poor armor and shielding.

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