The Pompadour is a pilotable Light Corvid Agrav armed with one Main and one Turret hardpoints, giving it a heavy armament coupled with high top speed at the cost of greater defense.

Acquisitions Entry

The same firepower as a Touro bolted onto a flying sedan. I'd love to know what they stole the drive unit from. Corvid hardware tends to be fairly 'loud' in execution, but that's a lot of gun for a floating car. I'm sure the pilots like 'em too, right up until the metal fatigue tears the car in half. Lot of talk on the War Council re: what to do about qualified mechanics and mech designers turning over to the Corvids. They shouldn't be capable of fielding units like this.


Pilot Variant

Giancarlo's Pompadour is armed with Pitbull rockets and a Disco 7MW laser, with an Audio-Kinetic Pulse for defense. This loadout is a mid-range brawler, with high mobility and firepower in lieu of armor.

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