The Touro is a heavy Loyalist Mech, bearing one Main and one Turret hardpoint. It is playable on the first mission, Awake on Foreign Shores, and is featured in most promotional artwork for Brigador.

With a respectable armament and enough armor to cushion any unfortunate piloting errors, the Touro is considered an excellent introductory vehicle for new Brigadors in Solo Nobre.

Acquisitions Entry

Every year, General Bursov tries to get the Touro mothballed and every year he gets laughed out of the War Council. The Touro's combat legacy is completely justified. Maintenance gets a bit messy with the successive upgrades to the combat jack and fire control systems on these things but the chassis lasts forever, which is usually what the NEP is worried about. Only thing that wears out on this classic legs unit are the shoe pads.

In other words, believe the stories about noite das pedras chorosas.


Pilot Variant

Modesto Pires' Touro is armed with an Abbot 105mm cannon, a Mãe Dois 12.7mm machine gun, and a Smoke projector for defense. This loadout is tough, versatile, and effective at any range. Good all-around damage.


  • Touro is Portuguese for "bull".
  • In the Brigador Audiobook, Captain Edwina Blake, nicknamed Steady Ed, drives a Touro, armed with a quad-barrelled Artillery weapon, and a Bully laser for a turret. The achievement Steady Ed (earned when an operation is completed with a Touro equipped with Balão, Bully, and Smoke Projector) is a reference to it.


Steady Ed

Complete an operation with a Touro equipped with Balão, Bully, and Smoke Projector.
Blake's nickname. From the Brigador Audiobook, chapter 1: "Captain Edwina Blake was uncharacteristically nervous. Nothing usually rocked Steady Ed, not on the surface at least, and today it'd been no exception, until now."

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