The Troubadour is a loyalist treadbike, equipped with one auxiliary and one small hardpoint.

Acquisitions Entry

One tank tread, an Auxiliary gun, and a lot of horsepower, Troubadours are what made the Outriders famous.

Originally built as a glorified police vehicle, a kind of forward slung cargo sled, it took Corvids running rampant through narrow alleys to convince NEP Brass they needed to let the Design Bureau run loose on a version of their own. Stripping out the cargo harness, replacing it with an Auxiliary mount, and doubling the engine size was their answer. Since then it's lived in a recon, patrol, assault, and as a loaner for any action flick that needs a good chase scene role. There's not a damn thing on the ground that can match the Troubadour for speed, and a tread over wheels means even difficult terrain can't stop it.


Pilot Variant

Pinho's Troubador is armed with a Jericho cannon and a Bonesaw machine gun, with smoke for defense.


The achievemente When I'm On The Road, I'm Indestructible (earned when you complete an operation with a Troubadour equipped with Belter, Carlos, and Active Camo) is a reference to the 1995 point and click game Full Throttle.

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