Yellow raincoats are an NEP-issued emergency coat, worn by non-combatant civilians.

Corvids are known to hide suicide bombers among the raincoat-wearing civilian populace. Their flashlights will glow red to distinguish them from true non-combatants.

Acquisitions Entry pacification is still ongoing, you may encounter Mogs or other mechanized infantry units securing neighborhoods near your assigned residential lot. In the likely event that you are unable to avoid the conflict, wear your Great Leader-approved safety coat to be as safe as possible under the circumstances.

State-of-the-art fluorescing fibres mean that you'll be easy to see in almost any conditions. Safety Coats are scientifically proven to attract and maintain combatant attention in visibility as low as 30%!

Remember, you'll be safe as long as Great Leader loves you - and he always will.

-"Resettling In!", photocopied pamphlet distributed by NEP upon release

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